Divorce and Family Law

Family legal disputes, including those involving divorce, can become contentious very quickly. Your rights as a parent, the well-being of minor children, personal interests, financial security, and legal rights are at stake and can be affected at every turn of the settlement or litigation process. To preserve your options and to protect your children, it is essential to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Diverse Skills and Comprehensive Solutions

Our experienced attorneys know that oftentimes, one legal issue can have a ripple effect on other related issues such as a divorce involving parents who want to co-parent one or more minor children, a parent who wants to re-locate with one or more minor children out of state, competing child custody and visitation arrangements, child support or alimony, paternity issues or the division of real estate and/or personal property with significant financial or emotional value.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our experienced divorce lawyers, please reach us online today. You are under no obligation to retain our services.

Attorney Robert A. Antonioni and Attorney Robert A. Mason appear in the probate and family court on a weekly basis, where divorce cases are determined. They are known and respected by the judges who sit on these cases, and the area attorneys who practice in this area. This familiarity with the court environment where divorces are resolved is invaluable to our clients.

Our attorneys have litigated hundreds of divorce cases, and can provide our clients with a steady presence and practical advice in these contentious situations.

Wide-Range of Divorce and Family Law Services in Massachusetts

Our firm offers a comprehensive range of services to address any issues that may come up during and after your divorce. Our lawyers will take the time to understand the unique facts of your case, develop a legal strategy and work aggressively with you to achieve the outcome you seek. Whether your case requires mediation services or litigation counsel, we have the skills to handle either type of situation.

Attorney Robert A. Antonioni has considerable experience, as well, in litigating divorce actions between same-sex spouses, following the change in Massachusetts law permitting marriage between gay and lesbian people. As a former state senator, Bob Antonioni supported the rights of gay and lesbian people to marry, and to have the same rights and opportunities our Constitution guarantees to all Massachusetts citizens.

Additional Complex Family Law-Related Issues

We will help you to address the multiple issues that often are involved in a divorce, whether simple or complex, including:

  • Occupancy of the marital home during the divorce
  • Alimony (spousal support) for a dependent spouse
  • Child support for dependent children
  • Payment of bills for the home, or one or both parties during the divorce as well as attorney's fees
  • Military divorce when one or both parties are service members
  • Future obligations (for example, college for adult children and extracurricular expenses for minor children)
  • Divorce with a spouse who resides out of state or real estate property located out of state
  • Sale or division of a home, investment property or a family business
  • Health and dental insurance for all parties
  • Tax deductions for the marital home and minor children as well as tax and estate planning during and after a divorce
  • Care for a disabled child or parent
  • Fathers' rights and grandparent visitation issues
  • Appointment of a guardian ad litem to represent the best interests of a minor child or determination of custody placement

Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office is a Leominster-based law firm focused on helping clients by protecting their rights and resolving their legal issues in complex matters like divorce.

Talk to Our Family Law Mediation Attorney in Massachusetts

In many cases, the hardest thing to do is admit there is a problem and make the first visit to consult with a lawyer involving the breakdown of your marriage. Our client service extends beyond our legal capabilities: We offer referrals to external resources, such as health care or tax professionals, who can assist you and your family during this transitional period.

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