Family Law Mediation

Going through a divorce or other legal dispute is always challenging. One way to mitigate the time and expense of family legal issues is to pursue alternative dispute resolution, including mediation.

Mediation services are available in divorce, paternity, custody, support and visitation cases. Our attorneys, Robert Antonioni and Robert Mason, have assisted hundreds of people in mediating these complex cases. We know family issues can be difficult, emotionally and financially.

Amicable and Efficient Resolution for Many Divorce and Family Law Issues

Our lawyers will counsel you throughout every step of the mediation process, and help you and your family move forward as quickly as possible without the emotional strain and cost of a contested divorce. We address all of the same issues in our mediation practice that are involved in litigation, including custody of minor children as well as visitation rights and co-parenting, child support and alimony/spousal support, and the division or sale of real estate and personal property.

What Can Divorce and Family Law Mediation Services Do for Me?

You can avoid the emotional stress of contested litigation and save thousands of dollars by avoiding litigation and mediating your divorce with our experienced mediators. Divorce litigation is usually three or four times more expensive than mediation, and is often prolonged. Furthermore, if you are able to come to agreement on all issues of your divorce using mediation or negotiation, you are in control of your final divorce agreement instead of a judge determining these choices for you.

If you and your spouse can sit in the same room together and talk, mediation may be the right process for you. You can reach us online in Leominster, Massachusetts, today to learn more about family law mediation. You can also call 978-401-0823.