A paternity suit arises when a child's father is unknown and a mother is seeking child support, or a parent is fighting financial obligations related to the child, or he/she is seeking custody and/or visitation rights. Sometimes paternity cases are initiated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because the custodial parent is receiving state assistance. In any case, matters can quickly become contentious and complicated.

Experienced DNA Paternity Testing Lawyers in Leominster, Massachusetts

If you are facing a paternity suit or you are pursuing a paternity action, it is important to know your rights and the legal ramifications of the outcome.

Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office also has extensive experience handling a wide range of complex family legal disputes, which include DNA testing. These cases can have a significant impact on the legal rights and financial obligations of both parties. If the results of the DNA test are positive, both parties will be obligated to a lifelong agreement. This is one of many reasons to ensure your case is handled by an experienced paternity lawyer.

For more than 30 years, Attorney Robert A. Antonioni has represented clients in paternity cases involving:

  • Right to collect child support
  • Right to visitation or custody
  • Rights involved in seeking or defending a paternity claim
  • Rights involved in seeking or defending against a claim for DNA testing
  • Naming or changing the name of a child
  • Grandparents' rights or fathers' rights
  • Tax deductions/tax consequences
  • Responsibility for health care
  • College tuition and other educational costs

Protect Your Rights — Now and in the Future

Men who have taken responsibility as the child's father without paternity testing may find it difficult to escape child support obligations — even if a future test proves they are not the fathers . Similarly, it is critical that pregnant mothers or mothers of newborns establish paternity from the outset to protect the financial well-being of their children.

We can take action to protect your rights, as well as the rights of your child.

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