Unemployment Insurance Claims

One of the most difficult events in life is to experience the impact of an involuntary layoff from employment, particularly when an employer is refusing to pay unemployment compensation, or an employee is filing a false claim for benefits. The consequences to one's finances and family life can be drastic, and the prospect of a formal hearing with a former employer to determine whether unemployment compensation will be paid can be daunting. And as an employer, you may find yourself the target of a false claim for benefits.

Experienced a Layoff? We Can Help You Seek Unemployment Benefits.

Attorney Bob Antonioni has counseled hundreds of people who have experienced a layoff, and who need representation at an upcoming unemployment hearing with the Commonwealth and their former employers.

Attorney Antonioni has also represented many employers who have been subjected to false or misleading claims for benefits by workers.

Attorney Antonioni represents persons and employers at hearings with the Department of Workforce Development/Mass. Division of Unemployment Assistance or area district courts who:

  • Have wrongfully been denied benefits by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because of false or misleading statements from a former employer
  • Face the repayment of tens of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits because a former employer is challenging an award for unemployment benefits
  • Have been accused of making false claims for unemployment benefits to which they were entitled
  • Are appealing a denial of benefits from a hearing with the Department of Workforce Development/Mass. Division of Unemployment Assistance
  • Are defending a claim for benefits without merit as an employer

Losing your job unexpectedly is scary and requires a difficult transition to the next phase in your life. What can make things a little easier is obtaining unemployment benefits owed to you as you look for alternative employment.

Here for You Every Step of the Way

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