Unemployment compensation dispute

I called your office looking for help and Chabre was great, she listened, card and got me an appointment in time to have Bob Antonioni help me. Bob put the case together perfectly and helped me through the process and hearing while I wa stressed out so badly. I appreciated his confidence and support and we won the case.

Thank you!

Dale Larocque

Dear Bob and Chabre: Thanks so much for all your good work on my case. I am certain that things would not have gone as well as they did in court without you!

Thanks, C.T.

Attorney Robert Mason represented me in my recent divorce. My case had some incredibly private and personal matters that could easily have caused someone to be judgmental, albeit unintentionally, yet Bob was sensitive to my circumstances and demonstrated nothing but understanding and compassion for both me and my parents. He is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of divorce and family law so much so that he surprised the opposing attorney when they tried to pressure me into some things that were not in my best interest. I felt protected during the entire process and knew that everything he did was in me and my children's best interest.

There is no better investment than a good attorney, and Robert Mason is much better than good. I would, without any hesitation, recommend the services of Attorney Robert Mason and Antonioni & Antonioni Law Office to anyone in need of an attorney who will do everything and anything to ensure you have a fair and impartial divorce proceeding with nothing but your best interests at heart.


Attorney Antonioni represented my husband's estate after a tragic, fatal, work- related death. He exhibited care and compassion during a difficult time. He was consistently available to answer my questions or meet based on my schedule. His knowledge of workers compensation law was extensive and thorough. I felt confident that the best interests of my young family were represented and was pleased to have such a caring person work with this case from beginning to end.


Antonioni Law Office is exceptional in their execution of legal advice on behalf of the client. Attorney Robert Antonioni is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of divorce and family law. Not only is representation sincere, it is honorable. Attorney Antonioni is sensitive to the client’s delicate circumstances, and demonstrates an impartial compassion on your behalf. I can adamantly state that I felt heard, understood, and legally secure during the entire process. I can with confidence recommend Antonioni Law Office as a legal firm that will implement the law with integrity.

- Karla B

Dear Bob: I can’t thank you enough for your support during the Department of Children and Families review. It was reassuring to know that I could turn to you for legal advice,

My sincere thanks, Lisa L.

Dear Bob: thanks so much for taking my case and doing such a great job. I am very appreciative to you and your staff. Sabrina and Melissa were always very professional, and helpful. You have great folks working for you. I was always impressed with Melissa’s ability to get the job done; I always felt confident that you and your staff had my son’s best interest at heart. Thanks again for all that you did.

Sincerely, Tammy M.

Thank you Bob for what you have done with my child support review at the Department of Revenue. It was a beautiful job putting things in sequence. To you and your crew Thanks…

Sincerely Dennis.

Bob Antonioni represented me for my divorce case two years ago.  He was professional, hard working, diligent, and caring.  He
presented a strong and fair case that was in the best interest for me and my children! When I compare my divorce case with
others, I know I made the right decision!!!!!!

-Kathy Cormier