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Film portraying a custody battle coming out this spring

When one thinks of the big screen, one's mind might automatically go to epic romances, action-packed thrillers or costumed super heroes. One's mind might not immediately go to family law. However, family law has increasingly been showing up in the movies. Over the years, it has been a more and more common occurrence for movies to involve family law topics, such as divorce or child custody.

A movie portraying such topics is coming out this spring. The movie is called "What Maisie Knew." The movie is a modern adaptation of a novel of the same name that was written in the late 1800's. The movie stars Julianne Moore, Steve Coogan and Alexander Skarsgard. The movie is slated to come out in May.

The movie is about a divorced couple and their 6-year-old daughter. One of the things the movie reportedly involves is a custody battle over the 6-year-old daughter. Another thing the movie reportedly looks at is the relationship between the 6-year-old daughter and the new spouses of her two parents.

The increased appearance of family law topics in movies and other forms of media (such as books, TV shows, etc.) gives rise to some interesting and important questions. When movies or other forms of media portray topics such as child custody or divorce, do they portray these topics accurately? If they do not, do these incorrect portrayals have any impacts on how these topics are viewed by society in general? What impacts, if any, do how such topics are portrayed in movies and other media have on divorced individuals and their children? One wonders what the answers to these questions are.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Movie: 'What Maisie Knew' Stars Julianne Moore And Alexander Skarsgard," March 5, 2013

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