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Kardashian and Humphries divorce saga reaches its end

A divorce case that has been all over the media for the past year and a half appears to finally have reached its end. It has recently been reported that reality TV star Kim Kardashian and NBA star Kris Humphries have reached a divorce settlement.

After being married for 72 days, Kardashian filed a petition for a divorce from Humphries. In response, Humphries claimed that the couple's marriage was a sham and requested an annulment rather than a divorce. Humphries and Kardashian then engaged in a fairly contentious legal battle.

It is this legal battle that the recently reached settlement will be resolving. Reportedly, as part of this agreement, Humphries will drop his request for an annulment and the former couple will get a divorce. The settlement was presented to a judge last Friday and the judge approved it. All that is left now is for the settlement and divorce papers to be signed by Kardashian and Humphries; the former couple's divorce will then be a done deal.

Divorce settlements can have a wide variety of terms in them. One type of term that such agreements often include are terms regarding financial issues. It has been reported that the settlement Humphries and Kardashian reached has terms saying that Humphries will be receiving no money in the divorce and that the two will each pay their own attorney fees. These terms are pretty vastly different from what Humphries is reported to have asked for in the divorce battle. Reportedly, he had asked that Kardashian pay him $7 million and cover his attorney fees.

This matter illustrates a couple of important points. The first is that divorces can involve many complicated issues and can sometimes become pretty contentious. The second is that divorce battles sometimes end up being resolved through a settlement agreement rather than a trial.


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