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New England governor and his wife divorce

Recently, some divorce news has arisen regarding a New England governor. The governor in question is Peter Shumlin, who is Vermont's governor. It has recently been reported that Shumlin has gotten divorced from his wife.

Shumlin and his wife were married for over two decades. A few years ago, they separated. Recently, a divorce between Shumlin and his wife was finalized. Reportedly, Shumlin and his wife resolved the issues related to their divorce through a settlement.

One issue that often comes up in connection to a divorce is property division. The Shumlin divorce settlement contained several terms regarding property division. Included among the property division-related terms in the settlement are terms that:

  • Shumlin's wife will shortly receive a $1 million payment from Shumlin.
  • Shumlin's wife will receive an additional $2 million payment from Shumlin sometime in the time period from 2020 to 2022.
  • Shumlin's wife gets possession of the couple's home in Putney, Vermont.
  • Shumlin gets possession of certain business properties and investment accounts.

Another issue that can arise in connection to a divorce is spousal support. The settlement agreement in the Shumlin divorce touches on the issue of spousal support. Under the terms of the agreement, Shumlin will make monthly spousal support payments of $10,000 to his wife.

Another issue that can come up in connection to a divorce is child custody. While Shumlin and his wife do have two children, child custody was not an issue in their divorce as both of the couple's children are adults.

This case illustrates a couple points worth noting. The first is that many important and impactful issues can arise in connection to a divorce.

The second is that divorcing couples sometimes take care of the issues related to their divorce through a divorce settlement. The process of negotiating a divorce settlement can have many complicated aspects and what terms such settlements ultimately contain can be very impactful. Thus, when a person is in settlement negotiations in a divorce, having strong representation can be very important.

Source: Burlington Free Press, "Gov. Shumlin's divorce finalized," Sam Hemingway, April 3, 2013

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