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Steve Nash and ex-wife in child support dispute

There are many different types of disputes that can arise in connection to a divorce. One such type are child support disputes. Child support disputes can involve many different issues and can be very complicated in nature. Such disputes can also go on for awhile, particularly if appeals are involved. How child support disputes are ultimately resolved can be very impactful on all of the parties involved.

Recently, TMZ reported on a celebrity child support dispute that has come up. The dispute involves NBA star Steve Nash and his ex-wife. Nash has played for the Dallas Mavericks, the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers (his current team) and has won the NBA's MVP award twice.

Nash and his ex-wife are currently engaged in a legal battle regarding whether or not Nash should be ordered to make monthly child support payments to his ex-wife.

Nash's ex-wife argues that Nash makes considerably more than her and that it would be unfair if he were not required to make child support payments.

Nash, on the other hand, argues that he should not be ordered to make such payments. He claims that, between the money he paid his ex-wife in the divorce, the money his ex-wife makes and the money he is already paying in regards to their children (a large percentage of the children's school, extracurricular activity, medical and nanny expenses) there is more than enough to raise the children on. He has also voiced concerns that, if he were to pay his ex-wife monthly child support, she would spend the money on frivolous purchases that could spoil the kids. Thus, Nash is arguing that ordering him to pay monthly child support could actually hurt his children rather than help them.

This dispute came before the judge in the former couple's divorce case and the judge ruled in Nash's favor. Nash's ex-wife is appealing this decision. One wonders what will ultimately happen in this appeal.

Source: TMZ, "LAKERS STAR STEVE NASH - IN DOGFIGHT Over Child Support," April 27, 2013

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