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Decision made in Akon paternity case

A decision was recently made in a celebrity paternity case. The case involved the rapper Akon. Akon has put out several albums over the past few years, including the Grammy-nominated "Konvicted."

Akon brought a paternity lawsuit claiming that he was the father of two boys. In this paternity suit, Akon asked that he be legally recognized as the boys' father. He also asked that child custody and child support be established.

Recently, a decision was made in this case. Akon has been given legal recognition as the father of the two boys.

Akon was not granted physical custody of the two boys. Rather, sole physical custody of the boys was given to the boys' mother. However, Akon and the boys' mother will share legal custody of the children.

In regards to child support, Akon has been ordered to make payments of $5,000 a month. He has also been ordered to take care of the boys' health insurance.

As this case illustrates, paternity lawsuits are not only brought by mothers. Sometimes, fathers bring paternity lawsuits to establish rights regarding their children (such as child custody rights).

Regardless of who brings a paternity lawsuit, paternity cases can involve many important issues. This case highlights a couple of issues that often arise in paternity cases: child support and child custody.

What ultimately happens in a paternity case can have significant impacts on all of the parties involved. Thus, if a person is involved in a paternity case, he or she may wish to consider consulting with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: TMZ, "Akon - Ordered to Pay Kid Support Right Now (Na Na Na)," May 18, 2013

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