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July 2013 Archives

Paternity claim an issue for Massachusetts fathers?

As many Massachusetts natives know, there are many sensational stories in the media today about mothers fighting for custody of their children. Less reported, however, are stories of fathers doing the same thing. One man from a nearby state is making waves with a paternity claim he hopes to back up with DNA evidence.

Mom stuck overseas, fighting for child custody of daughter

As many Massachusetts families know, child custody battles can be infinitely personal and heartbreaking. Whether those battles come as a result of divorce or another situation, tensions and emotions run high. When the children involved in a child custody dispute are very young, these feelings can become exacerbated.

Common questions kids have about their parents' divorce

Many Massachusetts parents who are planning to divorce dread breaking the news to their children. In fact, concerns over how the kids will handle a divorce leads many spouses to postpone filing until they feel that the children are ready to handle the adjustment. When children learn that their parents are divorcing, they will have a range of questions. Many of their concerns are easily predictable, and having an idea of how to respond to their initial questions can help them process the changes that are ahead.

Charlie Sheen asks for child support reduction

Massachusetts celebrity news readers may already be aware that Charlie Sheen has filed papers in court asking that his child support order be modified while his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller is in a drug rehabilitation facility. At present, the couple's twin boys are in the custody of Sheen's other ex-wife, Denise Richards. Sheen doesn't feel that he should have to continue to make his current child support payments to Mueller unless and until the situation is resolved.

Child support difficult to pay for some Massachusetts parents

Child support awards are often viewed by the custodial parent as being for too little while, at the same time, child support awards are often viewed by the noncustodial parent as being for too much. Sometimes, though, both parents are in agreement on the amount of child support until something happens that is life-changing for one of the parents. Then, as seen in a recent case, the time that it takes for a court to modify child support ends up negatively impacting both parents and, more importantly, the child. For those in Massachusetts who have been affected by the recent economic downturn, the following story may sound all too familiar.

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