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Common questions kids have about their parents' divorce

Many Massachusetts parents who are planning to divorce dread breaking the news to their children. In fact, concerns over how the kids will handle a divorce leads many spouses to postpone filing until they feel that the children are ready to handle the adjustment. When children learn that their parents are divorcing, they will have a range of questions. Many of their concerns are easily predictable, and having an idea of how to respond to their initial questions can help them process the changes that are ahead.

One primary concern that many children have when told of the divorce involves where they will live once the process is complete. This is a subject that parents should address well before the conversation begins, so that they can offer a response that shows that they have already talked about the issue and agreed how to move forward. Even if a full parenting plan has not yet been determined, it is important to agree on the basics of where the kids will live and how often they will see the other parent. 

Kids will feel comforted in the knowledge that there is already a plan in place, especially as the process moves forward and other aspects of their daily lives begin to change. Let them know that both parents are there to listen to any concerns that they have about their new living arrangements, and be ready to follow through on that promise, even when one or both spouses feel overwhelmed with other matters. Giving children a sense of stability and security throughout the divorce process is important for their well-being in the years to follow.

As with any topic of import, preparation is the key to handling a child's concerns about divorce. Being able to present a unified position on the subject will help children feel as if their parents are still in control and able to handle any challenge that may arise, which will help them feel secure throughout the process. While divorce can be a difficult time for Massachusetts parents, it is important to remember that one's children are also experiencing a significant shift, and need love and support throughout the process.

Source: Huffington Post, "Children Of Divorce: How To Answer Their Three Most Important Questions," Adriana Velez, July 6, 2013

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