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Mom stuck overseas, fighting for child custody of daughter

As many Massachusetts families know, child custody battles can be infinitely personal and heartbreaking. Whether those battles come as a result of divorce or another situation, tensions and emotions run high. When the children involved in a child custody dispute are very young, these feelings can become exacerbated.

One Massachusetts mother has recently discovered just how stressful and pained a visitation trip can become. She had taken her 6-year old daughter to Brazil to meet with the child's father when she allegedly obtained information that the man was planning on retaining custody of the young girl. She then changed her plans and went to stay with friends, only to find their passports were confiscated, thus stranding them in Brazil.

When a parent takes their child to meet with the other, noncustodial parent or guardian, there is always a chance that something will go awry. Even the best laid plans can be shattered due to emotional and impulsive actions. Tiny behaviors can be over-analyzed and misconstrued, and often the truth of the matter is hard to come by.

This mother is still stuck in Brazil, trying to keep her daughter from suffering from the stress of being an unfamiliar place for an extended period of time. One of the most important things for this mother and daughter is to know that they have people fighting for them and attempting to rectify this unfortunate situation. Fortunately, for parents with child custody or visitation issues in Massachusetts, there are resources to help them figure out their rights during difficult times.

Source: Fox News, "Massachusetts mom stranded in Brazil over custody dispute," July 6, 2013

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