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August 2013 Archives

Child custody: Unified rules could help kids, divorced parents

Many Massachusetts parents will agree that raising children is not always an easy task. Doing so can be even more difficult if the parents are divorced, and children are facing two separate households with differing rules and expectations. Though child custody disputes can strain relationships between parents, children need stability and structure when it comes to how they are parented. If one parent sets clear rules and the other does not, the potential for favoritism can arise.

Man paid child support for another's child, sues mother

When Massachusetts readers encounter a story about child support, the arch of the tale usually follows a predictable course. A mother and father struggle over the amount of child support that must be paid for the care of a shared child or children. A related story is often the failure of a non-custodial parent, which is more often than not the father, to make the payments as scheduled.

Demeanor can have an impact on family law mediation

In any interaction between human beings, the demeanor of the parties has a significant impact on how the experience will move forward. While this is something that people know on an intuitive level, in times of stress or difficulty it can be easy to forget how important our attitudes are to achieving a positive outcome. Recent research suggests that when it comes to Massachusetts family law mediation, the demeanor of the parties plays a sizable role in the chances of success.

Supporting a child through a Massachusetts divorce

For many Massachusetts parents, watching their son or daughter go through a divorce can be emotionally trying. Even when children reach adulthood and begin families of their own, it is difficult to stop wanting to heal their wounds. When divorce comes into play, many parents react by jumping in and offering advice on how to proceed. The advice varies, from suggestions of counseling to the name and number of a divorce attorney. The motivation behind the urge to help is the same, however, no matter the circumstances.

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