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Demeanor can have an impact on family law mediation

In any interaction between human beings, the demeanor of the parties has a significant impact on how the experience will move forward. While this is something that people know on an intuitive level, in times of stress or difficulty it can be easy to forget how important our attitudes are to achieving a positive outcome. Recent research suggests that when it comes to Massachusetts family law mediation, the demeanor of the parties plays a sizable role in the chances of success.

Divorce involves a heady mix of emotions, and it is completely normal for spouses to experience difficulty in remaining positive and calm throughout the mediation process. After all, marriage and family are emotional connections, and the end of a marriage will entail a unique range of emotions. However, it is important for spouses to understand how their demeanor can affect the mediation process, and take steps to minimize their emotional reaction while focusing on the tasks at hand.

Parties should make every effort to remain civil throughout the mediation process, and to demonstrate their willingness to resolve any disputes in a cooperative manner. It is also important to focus on the area in which both parties agree, which can help ease the way to negotiate items of contention. Be willing to concede on some items, which can help make it easier to stand one's ground on others.

By preparing for the emotional response that accompanies a Massachusetts divorce, it is possible to mitigate any negative reactions that can lead to a poor outcome. By maintaining a positive and cooperative demeanor, the process of family law mediation can move forward smoothly and with fewer disruptions than in cases in which one or both parties take a more aggressive approach. In the end, achieving a fair and reasonable outcome and moving forward is the shared goal of all parties, and keeping this goal at the forefront can go a long way toward success.


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