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September 2013 Archives

Americans and divorce after 50

More Americans over the age of 50 are getting divorced than ever before. Research shows that the number of people getting divorced has been on the rise for those over 50 for the past two decades. Men and women in Massachusetts may continue to see the trend of increased divorce in the 50+ age group as time goes on and life spans increase.

Moving forward from divorce for Massachusetts -- men and women

Many Americans find themselves concerned about life after divorce due to the overwhelming changes that follow. Moving forward includes protecting your legal rights, protecting your children and preserving your options. Massachusetts' men and women may face a challenging road when experiencing divorce, but there is relief in sight.

Why many older spouses opt for divorce

The rising rates of divorce among older Americans has made headlines in Massachusetts and across the nation. More and more couples are taking stock of their lives as they near or enter retirement, and many find that they are not happy with the status quo. As a result, many older spouses find themselves facing divorce, at an age at which financial losses can mean serious hardship. For these couples, proper divorce planning is a crucial part of ending a marriage.

Massachusetts residents could find divorce mediation useful

Massachusetts residents facing a divorce may not be aware of all available options to assist with the process. Divorce mediation is a tool that can be used to hopefully keep the situation as amicable as possible. A recent article discussed the benefits of using divorce mediation not only during the divorce itself, but even years later if needed.

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