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Moving forward from divorce for Massachusetts -- men and women

Many Americans find themselves concerned about life after divorce due to the overwhelming changes that follow. Moving forward includes protecting your legal rights, protecting your children and preserving your options. Massachusetts' men and women may face a challenging road when experiencing divorce, but there is relief in sight.

Statistics suggest that America, women are two times as likely to start the divorce process than men. Although the emotional burden of a separation weighs heavily for both men and women, females are considered more emotionally strong concerning these issues. However, men are said to overcome the initial shock waves more quickly and frequently remarry sooner.

Traditionally, women have typically shouldered the majority of child custody responsibilities when children are involved in a divorce. Research suggests that this may lead to further stress. However, when men file for joint custody, the child-rearing process can be more easily shared by parents. Men are also found to achieve more overall transformation from the impact of divorce.

The pain encountered during and after a divorce are undoubtedly difficult to overcome, and it is helpful to seek the break in the clouds in what is a traumatic experience for many. One legal issue can lead to a causal sequence of further issues, and securing the legal help of an experienced and understanding attorney is often the first step to find relief. There is an end in sight, and Massachusetts' men and women can take comfort in seeking assistance to pursue clarity and fairness during divorce proceedings.

Source: Huffington Post, 7 Upsides in the Aftermath of Divorce, Nancy Fagan, Sept. 10, 2013

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