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November 2013 Archives

Family law mediation can help during the holiday season

After a divorce, deciding how to approach the holidays can become a source of anxiety. Making plans in advance to prevent misunderstandings and letting the children have a say in the holiday's dealings will probably cross one's mind, but knowing how to avoid conflict and start new traditions can still be challenging. Protecting oneself and reaching out for support during such time can be the difference between a happy and a horrible holiday season. Massachusetts' family law mediation may be the next step to ensure smooth processing during and after a divorce to keep a peace of mind throughout the holidays.

Support during a divorce for Massachusetts residents

Many people facing divorce need additional support through the emotional strain. There are several factors to consider when it comes to personal rights and financial security alone. If children are involved, the risk for divorce dispute is even greater. Massachusetts residents can find peace of mind and resolve complex legal issues in the event of divorce

Did one ex-judge cheat the child support system?

The impact of divorce on children can be traumatic and long lasting. Ongoing financial support of both parents is essential to help provide children the security of a family offered prior to a divorce. Unfortunately, obtaining equitable child support orders, enforcement of payments and modifications can be complicated for parents to navigate through the murky waters of divorce in Massachusetts.

Child custody: celebrity Jon Cryer faces new reality

Celebrity actor Jon Cryer is learning a lesson as he currently lives out the true-life version of his character on the TV show "Two and a Half Men." During a divorce, Massachusetts couples know that spouses and celebrity spouses alike want to keep themselves and their children healthy and protected, without spending their entire life savings in the process. Recently, Jon Cryer's ex-wife took him to court to gain more child support in an effort to gain equality based on a new child custody arrangement.

Divorce and alimony law reform in Massachusetts

The disintegration of a marriage is an emotional and stressful event. However, the legal strain of divorce can be alleviated with the right assistance so that individuals can focus on the health and well-being of their family. Negotiation can give those involved the opportunity to create a divorce settlement in a more amicable fashion. Recently, Massachusetts enacted a new alimony law for divorce proceedings that has been under scrutiny by many.

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