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Child custody: celebrity Jon Cryer faces new reality

Celebrity actor Jon Cryer is learning a lesson as he currently lives out the true-life version of his character on the TV show "Two and a Half Men." During a divorce, Massachusetts couples know that spouses and celebrity spouses alike want to keep themselves and their children healthy and protected, without spending their entire life savings in the process. Recently, Jon Cryer's ex-wife took him to court to gain more child support in an effort to gain equality based on a new child custody arrangement.

Although the couple has been divorced for nearly 10 years, Cryer's ex-wife was recently awarded 50 percent custody -- quite different from the previous 4 percent. His ex-wife alleges that her now-equal child custody status should entitle her to higher child support payments. Her main concern lies with their son's transition to a lower quality of life 50 percent of the time.

Jon Cryer reportedly earns a monthly salary of $2 million an episode on his sitcom. His wife is asking for approximately $90,000 a month to give their son the same advantages and opportunities that he has experienced up to this point. The former working actress wants their 13-year-old to have everything he is used to having and to continue with the same lifestyle.

Although child support battles among the rich and famous may be in the spotlight due to their high-dollar lawsuits, regular people have the same stories to tell. Massachusetts state laws enforce a specific amount for child support payment based on several factors, and it depends on the particular situation. When going through a divorce, child custody and child support proceedings can be complicated and overwhelming. However, individuals can protect their rights and find the best outcome for everyone involved.

Source:, Jon Cryer's Ex Wants Nearly $90K Per Month In Child Support, Jeff Kravitz, Oct. 29, 2013

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