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Did one ex-judge cheat the child support system?

The impact of divorce on children can be traumatic and long lasting. Ongoing financial support of both parents is essential to help provide children the security of a family offered prior to a divorce. Unfortunately, obtaining equitable child support orders, enforcement of payments and modifications can be complicated for parents to navigate through the murky waters of divorce in Massachusetts.

Recently, a former judge was under investigation for failing to pay his own child support checks. Several complaints reportedly forced the judge to step away from his authority in court. The man has more than one ex-wife and children from multiple past marriages.

One ex-wife has since stopped receiving child support payments and is more than concerned for the welfare of their children. The ex-judge has another job as a practicing attorney, but his salary overall has taken a hit since he lost his job as a judge. Modification of payments is the next step for the man. His ex-wife is hopeful that some amount of contribution will continue to be received in an effort to subsidize the overall expenses and welfare of their children.

Massachusetts' law can be complex with regard to distribution of alimony or child support. Determining the needs of the children and agreeing on a set payment, or requesting modification of payments, can be subjective. Whether seeking to collect child support or alimony, or preventing or modifying unmanageable support obligations, consulting experienced and dedicated counsel is crucial to ensuring the welfare of children affected by a divorce.

Source:, Mother says ex-judge cheating child support system, Phil Cross, Nov.12, 2013

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