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Family law mediation can help during the holiday season

After a divorce, deciding how to approach the holidays can become a source of anxiety. Making plans in advance to prevent misunderstandings and letting the children have a say in the holiday's dealings will probably cross one's mind, but knowing how to avoid conflict and start new traditions can still be challenging. Protecting oneself and reaching out for support during such time can be the difference between a happy and a horrible holiday season. Massachusetts' family law mediation may be the next step to ensure smooth processing during and after a divorce to keep a peace of mind throughout the holidays.

After a divorce, children are left asking questions and wondering how the holidays may play out. Old traditions and happy memories may quickly become buried in a pit of sorrow and regret. The focus on making new traditions may create a mountain of confusion for both children and parents.

In addition, issues can most certainly arise between the two former spouses and create taxing dilemmas. Will the kids be shuttled between separate holiday celebrations? Or will the holidays be split between parents altogether? The questions flood in after a divorce, leaving room for family disputes and conflict.

Reaching common ground after a divorce in Massachusetts' can feel like an unattainable goal. Emotions can take over and make any decision making even more complicated and conflict ridden. Seeking help when it is needed is a sign of strength, not weakness. Reaching out for professional support to help with family law mediation is an option that will help protect individual rights and aid in making sense of the complex issues that arise during and after a divorce.

Source:, Celebrating Thanksgiving with divorced parents., Aisha Harris, Nov. 25, 2013

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