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December 2013 Archives

Family law mediation and resolution during divorce

Family feuds have no place in the joy and celebrations that take place during the holidays. Disputes between husband and wife or ex-spouses are unfortunate symptoms of divorce that take a toll on the children who are caught in between. Family law mediation may be the logical next step for Massachusetts couples faced with divorce and contentious disputes that have a ripple effect for family and loved ones.

Paternity claim: Kourtney Kardashian faces lawsuit

Resolving paternity claims can become complex and overwhelming. Establishing paternity is not always a cut-and-dry process; seeking legal recourse may be the only way to establish paternity. Celebrity newsreaders in Massachusetts have probably learned recently that reality television star Kourtney Kardashian is facing a legal battle after a paternity lawsuit has been filed by model Michael Girgenti.

How to avoid child custody trouble during the holidays

Holidays are often marked by observance of tradition and family celebration. Unfortunately, divorced or separated parents in Massachusetts typically have greater stress due to child custody issues throughout the holiday season. Conflict can hopefully be avoided or eliminated altogether by taking the right steps.

Divorce mediation: achieving a positive outcome

Divorce litigation can be long-winded and complex. Family law disputes that are born from a divorce are in need of resolution to find agreements that will meet both parties' needs. Divorce mediation can help level the playing field and prepare for settlement, finding solutions and negotiating for the needs of both parties. Individuals who are considering or currently experiencing a divorce in Massachusetts can seek divorce mediation to achieve a positive outcome.

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