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Family law mediation and resolution during divorce

Family feuds have no place in the joy and celebrations that take place during the holidays. Disputes between husband and wife or ex-spouses are unfortunate symptoms of divorce that take a toll on the children who are caught in between. Family law mediation may be the logical next step for Massachusetts couples faced with divorce and contentious disputes that have a ripple effect for family and loved ones.

One couple recently experienced a year of feuding during divorce proceedings in court due to their inability to come to mutual terms for separation. The couple has had several recusals by judges in court due to the fact that the husband's mother is the county clerk. The family home is another source of contention; the home was paid for with settlement money for a medical malpractice case for their disabled son.

The divorce negotiations and child custody battles have continued through multiple arrests for embroiled fights that have ended with accusations of violent threats and abusive behavior. Entanglements have led to restraining orders and attempted assault charges. The embittered divorce keeps everyone involved in a state of conflict; and both the man and the woman have been charged with harassment and contempt for continued altercations.

When facing an ugly divorce, the individuals involved have rights that should be protected. If children are involved, their protection should take priority in the decision-making process as well. Massachusetts residents can seek family law mediation to preserve options and come to invaluable resolutions in the event of divorce. There are answers to the difficult questions and the issues that inevitably surface during a divorce, and achieving a desirable outcome is possible.

Source:, Bias charges, abuse allegations rock divorce court battle, Chris Mckenna, Dec. 12, 2013

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