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January 2014 Archives

Ronan Farrow's unknown paternity

DNA testing is used frequently today to determine paternity. A paternity order that is entered against a father is part of imposing a child support order. The issue of paternity can be very complex. Whether fathers wish to be established as the biological father of a child and maintain an ongoing relationship together with the child, or if a paternity order is entered against a father as part of imposing a child support order, help can be found on either side of the case in Massachusetts.

Can technology lend a hand with child support issues?

Paying alimony after a divorce is one of the leading issues of disagreeable behavior amongst exes. Whether individuals may be looking to collect child support or prevent unmanageable support obligations, seeking the best expertise in the process can determine the success of the outcome. Massachusetts spouses can find resolution and focus on the well-being of their children in the face of divorce. Recently, a new service has been introduced in one region of the country to help ease the pressure on divorced parents and aid in child support issues.

Overcoming the stress of divorce in Massachusetts

Anxiety is an emotion that can go hand-in-hand with those who are experiencing divorce. Whether the anxiety is brought on by legal matters or by the emotional strain, stress may be unavoidable. It is natural to want fast, accurate answers to the challenging questions that crop up and are associated with divorce. Massachusetts men and women can overcome the stress of divorce and find dependable, trustworthy advice.

Failure to pay child support can lead to hardship

Massachusetts law regarding payment of child support can be difficult to navigate. It may be even more challenging to collect child support across state lines. Failure to make child support payments may result in a court seizure of bank accounts and garnished wages. Recently, one man has been faced with hardship after falling delinquent in child support payments.

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