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Can technology lend a hand with child support issues?

Paying alimony after a divorce is one of the leading issues of disagreeable behavior amongst exes. Whether individuals may be looking to collect child support or prevent unmanageable support obligations, seeking the best expertise in the process can determine the success of the outcome. Massachusetts spouses can find resolution and focus on the well-being of their children in the face of divorce. Recently, a new service has been introduced in one region of the country to help ease the pressure on divorced parents and aid in child support issues.

WorkOne is the name of the program that has been established as a system of support to provide re-employment services for unemployed parents and to help manage financial complexities between exes who raise a child apart. The hope is that the service designed to aid in the divorce aftermath will give parents a break. The program can also be utilized as a tool in court to prove the balance of expenditures.

The service is designed to help manage the abundant negligent payments for child support for those parents who are unemployed. Representatives of WorkOne work specifically with parents in need of the service, identifying matches immediately after court hearings for child support concerns. Parents who do not have a GED or high school diploma are provided with additional support to help them finish their education. Services and workshops are given to the parents free of charge. The representatives and court officials are hopeful that the collaboration will be a success, although it is still too early to gauge results.

Whether an online accountability service such as WorkOne will play a role in easing the complexities of the aftermath of divorce is hard to tell. Child support issues can go further than tracking each receipt for record of payment, and every set of circumstances is unique. Massachusetts spouses can find a professional to advocate needs properly in court in the face of alimony conflict.

Source:, New collaboration will help delinquent child-support parents train for the workforce, Ellie Bogue, Jan. 8, 2014

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