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Ronan Farrow's unknown paternity

DNA testing is used frequently today to determine paternity. A paternity order that is entered against a father is part of imposing a child support order. The issue of paternity can be very complex. Whether fathers wish to be established as the biological father of a child and maintain an ongoing relationship together with the child, or if a paternity order is entered against a father as part of imposing a child support order, help can be found on either side of the case in Massachusetts.

Many people who read celebrity news articles will know that Ronan Farrow and Mia Farrow were in the limelight recently. The mystery of Ronan Farrow's paternity has been mentioned in the past. The question has surfaced again after Woody Allen was awarded the lifetime achievement award this month at the Golden Globes.

Ronan Farrow's paternity is reportedly traced back to either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra, based on Mia Farrow's relationships with both well-known men in show business. The Golden Globe honor awarded to Woody Allen was faced with protests by both Ronan and Mia in social media platforms due to the contentious history they allegedly share with Allen. Paternity has still not been established and the mystery remains intact.

If less famous mothers are seeking child support, or if a parent is fighting financial obligations or visitation rights related to the child, Massachusetts residents can file a paternity suit. Matters can quickly become contentious and complicated, no matter the circumstances when facing a paternity suit or pursuing paternity action. Protecting individual rights as well as the rights of the child can be crucial.

Source:, What You Should Know About Woody Allen's Feud With Mia and Ronan Farrow, Marina Watts, Jan. 13, 2014

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