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February 2014 Archives

Father fights "secret" adoption in child custody case

Biologically speaking, mothers and fathers in Massachusetts do not share the same level of control over the earliest portion of the lives of their shared children. This is due to the fact that a mother carries her unborn child, and can make a range of decisions without the input or consent of the father. Many child custody cases have made headlines in recent months wherein fathers have lost their parental rights when a mother places her newborn baby up for adoption. For these men, it can be a long and hard road to regain access to their children.

Rise in divorce rate hand-in-hand with strengthening economy

Divorce can be many things, but it is certainly not the end. Although divorce is sometimes not easy on the parties involved, moving on is the most important step to take toward clearer skies. Spouses in Massachusetts seeking a divorce should consider legal rights and procedures in order to achieve a smooth process, and those recovering from divorce can benefit from protecting individual rights thereafter. Recently, statistics have shown that with the stabilizing economy comes an increase in the rate of divorce.

"Move away" child custody cases more complicated

Divorce can already be a challenging hurdle for a family to overcome, but it is made more so when children are involved. Child custody, as many Massachusetts families can attest, can be a considerable stumbling block on the road to an efficient and mutually beneficial separation. This is particularly true in cases where one parent wishes to relocate outside of the state or even the country. Such cases require courts to consider specific elements in order to come to an equitable solution that takes the child's best interests into consideration.

Massachusetts parents may equally share child custody

One of the hardest parts of a divorce for any parent is to break the news of the split-up to the children and then help them through the potential difficulties ahead. Children of divorce may easily feel confused and angry about the situation, and they might worry about not being able to see mom or dad as often as they once did as a result of a child custody determination that favors one parent in Massachusetts. However, many state lawmakers are striving to change this by pushing for divorcing parents to share equal custody of their kids.

How to survive divorce in Massachusetts

Marriages and relationships take different paths. Some come to an end and then conversations about the division of assets, spousal support, child custody and child support begin. Life is complicated and so is divorce. For whatever reasons marriages come to an end in Massachusetts, individuals can seek guidance through the difficult process.

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