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Rise in divorce rate hand-in-hand with strengthening economy

Divorce can be many things, but it is certainly not the end. Although divorce is sometimes not easy on the parties involved, moving on is the most important step to take toward clearer skies. Spouses in Massachusetts seeking a divorce should consider legal rights and procedures in order to achieve a smooth process, and those recovering from divorce can benefit from protecting individual rights thereafter. Recently, statistics have shown that with the stabilizing economy comes an increase in the rate of divorce.

People are finding more opportunities today to divorce, and they may have a different attitude toward staying together, especially if they questioned the marriage when the economy was bad. This is in stark contrast to the America of the recession. Research shows that this is due to a change in the economy as it normalizes, and that the rise in divorce has increased dramatically in the past few years.

On a societal level, unemployment has decreased and the housing market is up, showing that people have more options and do not feel obligated to stay in a failing marriage. After a divorce, there can be more factors to consider. Many people have children from a previous marriage, and there are new guidelines to set to find a comfort level as the shifting economy avails more flexibility.

Whatever the impetus or the impact thereafter, divorce is a growing reality today as people become more financially stable and confident with the rising market. The legal, practical, parental, financial and emotional challenges often presented in a divorce can be time-consuming and draining. It may be necessary to present the position in court to make sure rights are protected and needs are met. Massachusetts residents can find relief by seeking out assistance with the process and how to proceed.

Source:, Worsening U.S. Divorce Rate Points to Improving Economy, Steve Matthews, Feb. 18, 2014

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