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March 2014 Archives

Paternity claim filed by mother to obtain child support payments

Many mothers and fathers in Massachusetts do not wish to have to go the legal route to determine the paternity of a child. However, it is often necessary in order to protect the child or to obtain financial assistance in caring for the child. For mothers who hope to get child support from the biological father of their child, establishing paternity is necessary. This is exactly what one woman has done with the paternity claim she has filed.

Billionaire may lose large amount of money in divorce

When a marriage goes well, both people may feel they are winning: They can share assets and property in addition to enjoying each other's companionship. However, when a marriage goes sour, both individuals may struggle with ending the marriage in addition to saying goodbye to valuable assets in Massachusetts. In a recent situation, a billionaire stands to lose a fortune -- literally -- in what could be one of the biggest divorce settlements revealed to the public to date.

Understanding the negative impact social media has on a divorce

Over the last several years, social networking has becoming a very popular activity. Many Massachusetts residents will post pictures of their birthday parties, their new car and time spent with their friends. Most people think nothing of the words or images that they post on sites such as Facebook. However, when a couple decides to divorce, Facebook content -- images, status updates, etc. -- is fair game.

Financial pitfalls for Massachusetts couples filing for divorce

Child custody decisions are often cited as the most difficult part of a divorce. Massachusetts couples may find that financial matters could prove equally tricky. Gaining knowledge of the known pitfalls before filing for divorce may be useful. Couples may want to anticipate any eventualities that may occur after the divorce.

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