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Paternity claim filed by mother to obtain child support payments

Many mothers and fathers in Massachusetts do not wish to have to go the legal route to determine the paternity of a child. However, it is often necessary in order to protect the child or to obtain financial assistance in caring for the child. For mothers who hope to get child support from the biological father of their child, establishing paternity is necessary. This is exactly what one woman has done with the paternity claim she has filed.

A superintendent has been named in a paternity lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by a former student of the school district, who says she began a sexual relationship with the man after she graduated. She claims that she became pregnant and informed the man that he was the biological father. However, he reportedly denied it and refused to undergo a paternity test.

Due to his failure to take the test, the woman had to take legal action and file a paternity suit in order to hold him liable as the father of the child. The child was born in January 2013, and the woman is seeking medical expenses that have piled up from the pregnancy and birth. Further, she requests that the court determine child support from the time the child was born and into the future.

It may seem as though establishing paternity is a straightforward process. However, it can be quite complicated, especially when the assumed father does not want to partake in paternity testing. However, in order for child support to be scheduled, paternity must first be established.

Massachusetts residents would do well to ensure that their legal rights are protected as they move toward a possible paternity claim in order to obtain court-ordered child support payments. It is also important to understand that child custody questions may arise if the father is interested, although the mother may maintain primary custody. Further, once paternity has been established, the father will likely be entitled to visitation rights unless there are specific reasons to annul such actions.

Source: Rapid City Journal, Miller superintendent resigns after paternity suit, No author, March 19, 2014

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