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April 2014 Archives

The importance of staying calm during family law litigation

Even for those who have the most amicable divorce, it is generally considered an undesirable experience. Emotions are almost always extremely high during family law litigation. Unfortunately, when emotions are high, individuals may have their judgment clouded and can often forget to consider their best interests and the stability of their future. In many cases, extreme emotions can lead to poor decisions by one or both Massachusetts spouses during a divorce.

Comedic duo, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, set to divorce

It isn't easy to separate from a spouse under most circumstances. Whether a couple has been together for a single year or 20, deciding to separate is no easy feat for either person. In fact, many Massachusetts couples will separate and attempt to work things out for some time before actually moving forward with a divorce. This is similar to what happened with a popular celebrity duo that many Massachusetts residents are quite familiar with.

State sees a surge in child support payments after new campaign

Although it did not occur here in Massachusetts, our state's residents may have heard about a campaign that a county from another state put on. The campaign consisted of placing information on flyers that were then attached to pizza boxes. That information was related to individuals who were considered to be the "most wanted" for child support arrears.

Wife loses out on millions after slander allegation in a divorce

When a Massachusetts couple decides to divorce, there may be some negative feelings from the husband or wife. These feelings can stem from one of them not wanting the divorce, and they can even stem from bitter litigation. Although there is no right or wrong way to feel in a divorce, it is best to keep those feelings out of the public eye. One wife in another state has just been given a very small percentage of her husband's finances during the divorce proceedings, after she allegedly slandered her husband to the public.

Sexual relations may soon be prohibited until a divorce is final

Many would describe their bedroom activity as the most private part of their lives. This is information that they do not share with anyone -- or at least no one other than their best friend. However, it would appear that couples going through a divorce in Massachusetts would have to inform others of their intent to have a sexual relationship under the roof of their own home if a new bill is passed.

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