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State sees a surge in child support payments after new campaign

Although it did not occur here in Massachusetts, our state's residents may have heard about a campaign that a county from another state put on. The campaign consisted of placing information on flyers that were then attached to pizza boxes. That information was related to individuals who were considered to be the "most wanted" for child support arrears.

The tactic is very similar to a technique that was used many years ago -- placing pictures of missing children on the side of milk cartons. This was a way to increase awareness and reach as many people as possible. Using pizza boxes to do the same for those who owe child support is a unique approach to tackling an issue that seems to never go away.

Luckily, for Hopkins County in Kentucky, the campaign has proven to be quite effective. In fact, there was a surge of $20,000 in child support payments in March. The average amount paid for child support in January and February was $350,000. In March, it was $370,000. This proves that thinking outside the box and unique approaches to address out-of-hand issues can be very effective.

Massachusetts residents, especially those who are owed child support from a previous marriage, likely hope that something similar to this concept will take place here. When parents do not take their responsibility seriously, they hurt themselves as well as their children. Without their court-ordered financial support, the children may not be able to have everything that they need.

Because of this, tactics like this one in Kentucky are sometimes necessary. There are many child support enforcement options available to parents who are not receiving the child support they are entitled to. At the same time, there are child support modifications orders available for parents who are having difficulty making child support payments due to loss of income or decrease in income.

Source:, "Slam dunk for pizza box child support campaign", Jess Raatz, April 7, 2014

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