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The importance of staying calm during family law litigation

Even for those who have the most amicable divorce, it is generally considered an undesirable experience. Emotions are almost always extremely high during family law litigation. Unfortunately, when emotions are high, individuals may have their judgment clouded and can often forget to consider their best interests and the stability of their future. In many cases, extreme emotions can lead to poor decisions by one or both Massachusetts spouses during a divorce.

When one is going through a divorce, it can be crucial to stay level-headed. Important decisions are being made concerning both parties' future well-being. Therefore, keeping one's mind completely devoid of any negative thoughts and unpredictable emotions may help as that person negotiates the property division process.

During a divorce, couples often determine who will get the house, the car, the retirement account and numerous other items that are related to finances as well as items that are simply sentimental to both spouses or one of the spouses. Because divorce is so difficult for many, it isn't uncommon for one spouse to just want to let bygones be bygones and be willing to give the other party virtually everything. However, this is not usually recommended.

When finances are involved in a divorce in Massachusetts, it doesn't hurt to consider mediation. Having an unbiased observer to look at one's divorce from the outside-in can often resolve a number of issues that a couple is having difficulty agreeing on. Both parties would likely do well to ensure that their rights are fully protected throughout family law litigation. Staying level-headed, unemotional and unruffled may allow for better decisions to be made once options present themselves.

Source: Wall Street Journal, "Three Steps To Stay Clear-Headed in a Divorce", Michelle Perry Higgins, April 16, 2014

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