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Wife loses out on millions after slander allegation in a divorce

When a Massachusetts couple decides to divorce, there may be some negative feelings from the husband or wife. These feelings can stem from one of them not wanting the divorce, and they can even stem from bitter litigation. Although there is no right or wrong way to feel in a divorce, it is best to keep those feelings out of the public eye. One wife in another state has just been given a very small percentage of her husband's finances during the divorce proceedings, after she allegedly slandered her husband to the public.

Family and close friends are there to talk to during a divorce. It is a big, life-changing event, so it is natural that one would want to have a listening ear. What one should never do, however, is to publicly bash and ridicule their former significant other -- no matter how many negative feelings are there. In the court of law, there is a very fine line between venting to friends and public slander.

In a very high-profile divorce in another state, the wife of a prestigious lawyer allegedly slandered her husband to the media. She claimed that her former husband refused to help her in paying for hearing devices for a child they shared, while simultaneously buying his girlfriend an engagement ring that cost around $200,000. These allegations from the wife were made public enough to get the judge's attention.

The judge ordered her to have just a fraction of what she would have gotten from the divorce, had she not slandered her husband. Instead of getting $2.5 million, the wife is only getting 17 percent of the worth of his law firm -- $855,000. In addition, she is still able to receive half of their other assets non-related to the law firm. This high-profile divorce proves that, although negative feelings are normal, they can come off as slander. It is best to avoid harsh allegations in a Massachusetts divorce to avoid an unfavorable outcome.

Source:, "Judge slashes ex-wife's divorce settlement for "biting the hand that fed her"", Jen Chung, April 9, 2014

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