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May 2014 Archives

Massachusetts parents may want to consider family law mediation

Going through a divorce in Massachusetts is understandably difficult. There are a number of decisions to be made that include the ownership of and access to retirement accounts, vehicles and the house. However, when children are involved, child custody, visitation arrangements and child support are all considerations that must be taken into account. Massachusetts parents will want to ensure that they keep their children's best interests at heart when determining a solid parenting plan and may want to consider the benefits of family law mediation.

Massachusetts same-sex couples haven't affected divorce rate much

Setting the standard 10 years ago, the state of Massachusetts legalized same-sex unions. Many believed that it would alter traditional marriages. However, a decade later, not much has changed because divorce rates are about the same.

Custody and visitation may go smoother with a parent coordinator

Although most couples hope for a quick and easy divorce with little conflict, it doesn't always happen that way. When custody and visitation are issues in the divorce, it is almost always considered a high-conflict divorce in Massachusetts. As a general rule, a high-conflict custody case involves parents being unable to communicate properly, showing distrust and anger to their ex, making unnecessary threats or showing physical aggression.

Is there such thing as a divorce bug in Massachusetts?

Most Massachusetts residents remember being a kid and thinking that they needed something that others kids had. For example, when a new kid in Kindergarten gets a pair of glasses, it isn't uncommon for another child or two to tell his or her parents that they are having trouble seeing. They think that because a child in their classroom has something, then they need it too. According to a new study conducted in Massachusetts, it seems that the same can be said regarding divorce.

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