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Custody and visitation may go smoother with a parent coordinator

Although most couples hope for a quick and easy divorce with little conflict, it doesn't always happen that way. When custody and visitation are issues in the divorce, it is almost always considered a high-conflict divorce in Massachusetts. As a general rule, a high-conflict custody case involves parents being unable to communicate properly, showing distrust and anger to their ex, making unnecessary threats or showing physical aggression.

For couples that are fighting and unable to deal with the emotional aspect of the divorce, it may be possible to obtain the help of a parenting coordinator. A parenting coordinator can often help parents see things in a different light so that they can focus specifically on what they need to do as a parent. The court also has the authority to step in and make this request when they see that a couple is having difficulty in determining what is best for their children.

The most beneficial part of having a parenting coordinator is that they are unbiased. They are not rooting for either parent. This essentially makes them the perfect person to help in the decision-making process in regard to child custody and visitation arrangements.

A parenting coordinator's primary duty is to ensure that they help the parents communicate effectively with one another in order to determine an appropriate parenting plan. Even with a parenting coordinator, parents still have the responsibility of trying to push their own differences aside so that the best custody and visitation agreement can be made. If both parents can work seamlessly with a parenting coordinator, then they will likely be able to come to an agreement regarding child custody. If the parents still can't get along, the Massachusetts court will be ready to step in and decide the most appropriate plan for the children involved.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Parenting Coordinators: Helping Parents Through High-Conflict Custody Cases", Nicole H. Sodoma and Robin Goulet, May 8, 2014

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