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Is there such thing as a divorce bug in Massachusetts?

Most Massachusetts residents remember being a kid and thinking that they needed something that others kids had. For example, when a new kid in Kindergarten gets a pair of glasses, it isn't uncommon for another child or two to tell his or her parents that they are having trouble seeing. They think that because a child in their classroom has something, then they need it too. According to a new study conducted in Massachusetts, it seems that the same can be said regarding divorce.

It appears that individuals can catch a bug not the flu or cold, but a divorce bug. Three-quarters of participants in the study said that there was more of a possibility of them ending their marriage when a friend did. One-third of the study's participants went so far as to saying that they might even be apt to get a divorce if one of their friends' friends ended his or her marriage.

A psychotherapist said that it isn't so much that divorce is actually contagious, but that the emotions involved may be. When a friend is unhappy in his or her relationship, it isn't uncommon for that unhappiness to bring someone close to them down. Because of one's problems, another may begin to criticize his or her own marriage and find problems with the relationship that may not even be present.

This study shows that friends may benefit from not vesting too much emotion into their friends' relationships. However, when one's marriage is in trouble and divorce may be in the future, spouses would do well to ensure that they protect their rights during the divorce proceedings. This works to ensure that one receives a fair divorce settlement whether the divorce proceeds to a Massachusetts court and judge.

Source: CBS New York, "New Study Says Divorce Can Be Contagious", , April 30, 2014

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