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Massachusetts parents may want to consider family law mediation

Going through a divorce in Massachusetts is understandably difficult. There are a number of decisions to be made that include the ownership of and access to retirement accounts, vehicles and the house. However, when children are involved, child custody, visitation arrangements and child support are all considerations that must be taken into account. Massachusetts parents will want to ensure that they keep their children's best interests at heart when determining a solid parenting plan and may want to consider the benefits of family law mediation.

Although not all parents decide to use a mediator when determining a parenting plan, some will choose to do so. A mediator will help both parents set forth their expectations and create a parenting plan that takes into account those expectations. However, the parenting plan will primarily focus on the children who are involved and their best interests.

It is important for Massachusetts parents to realize that this parenting plan that is developed between themselves and the mediator is not set in stone. The court ultimately has the final decision when determining the best interests of the children. Therefore, child custody and visitation arrangements could alter slightly. However, the court will take into consideration the mediator's recommendations and valuable advice.

Before parents actually sit down with a mediator, it is important that they are familiar with what concerns that they have moving forward and what type of schedule they are hoping to obtain in terms of child custody and visitation. Massachusetts parents who go into family law mediation prepared will have a much better chance of coming out with the most favorable decision. Although parents may have their differences, it is important that the children and their best interests always come first, which is exactly what mediation can help accomplish.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Confidential: Preparing for Child Custody Mediation", Caroline Choi, May 22, 2014

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