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June 2014 Archives

Jennifer Lopez divorce finalized after several years

Massachusetts readers have likely heard about the divorce between the famous singers Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. However, many people do not realize that the actual divorce process has taken several years and has only recently been finalized. Why do some divorces stretch out over several months and years? Many times, it is related to agreeing on details pertaining to money and child custody.

Massachusetts parents may struggle with child custody issues

Divorce can bring up a lot of difficult subjects that can take time, compromise and the ability to communicate effectively to figure out. For divorcing parents in Massachusetts, one of the hardest parts of the divorce will be figuring out child custody issues. One child psychologist in particular would suggest that for those with very young children that overnight visits with Dad should be restricted until after age five. Obviously, this belief isn't sitting well with divorcing dads.

How can you fight for your desired outcome during a divorce?

Massachusetts individuals already engaged in or considering a divorce may wonder if it is possible to fight for desired or deserved outcomes. Fortunately, there are steps that may help an individual to fight for certain things during a divorce. The legal process of dissolving a marriage can be complex and emotionally challenging. Consequently, individuals may be tempted to settle for a less-than-optimal divorce agreement for the sake of expediency.

Woman files a paternity claim against Chris Paul of the NBA

A woman has filed a paternity claim against the famous NBA player Chris Paul. She claims that they had a relationship for a period of time, but that it ended after she learned that she was expecting a baby. Supposedly, the woman has had a private DNA test performed, confirming that Mr. Paul is the father, but the paternity claim requests that an official test be conducted.

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