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Woman files a paternity claim against Chris Paul of the NBA

A woman has filed a paternity claim against the famous NBA player Chris Paul. She claims that they had a relationship for a period of time, but that it ended after she learned that she was expecting a baby. Supposedly, the woman has had a private DNA test performed, confirming that Mr. Paul is the father, but the paternity claim requests that an official test be conducted.

Massachusetts readers may have seen that sources close to the situation claim that Mr. Paul has been paying for the woman's medical bills and other expenses related to the baby. It has also been said that the basketball star has not denied that he is the father. Unless either of these claims can be backed with evidence, they may not be applicable to the paternity case.

The NBA star's notoriety and his recent contract valued at approximately 90 million dollars may make him an easy target for a false paternity claim. In reality, the only way to prove if Chris Paul is the father is for him to submit to a DNA test. If he is proved to be the father, he will then be responsible for financially providing for the child.

Paternity cases can be complicated because they often involve two different parties with very different interests. Massachusetts readers should note that the only definitive way to confirm the father of a child is with a DNA test, to which the man will have to submit only if ordered by a court. A paternity claim may be the best way to get the financial support and other resources needed to raise a child.

Source: New York Daily News, "Paul George slapped with paternity suit by ex-stripper as Indiana Pacers battle Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals", Stefan Bondy, Barbara Ross, Dareh Gregorian, May 29, 2014

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