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July 2014 Archives

Bill attempted to end disability discrimination in child custody

Disabilities, whether mental or physical, are an everyday part of life for some individuals. For some the signs of a disability may require the use of special equipment, such as a wheelchair, while for others the disability may be inwards and treated with a pill. Either way, plenty of parents in Massachusetts continue on with their daily lives and parenting responsibilities without much difficulty. However, when it comes to divorce, these normal aspects of certain individual’s lives can have a serious impact on child custody.

Cohabiting prior to marriage may affect divorce rates

Cohabiting, which is living together as a couple before tying the knot, appears to be growing in popularity in America. Roughly 70 percent of unmarried couples in Massachusetts and across the country may be living together, and one researcher claims that, in some instances, this may lead to divorce. In fact, the professor that conducted the study asserts that individuals often consider both cohabiting and divorce simultaneously.

After divorce, individuals can get ex's Social Security benefits

Whether a couple divorces after two years or 20, determining what assets either party will be privy to years down the road may appear overwhelming at first. For instance, who gets what retirement benefits, and how much? Even Social Security benefits can be up in the air following a Massachusetts divorce.

Thinking of taxes during divorce can help some save in the future

Tax season has already come and gone for 2014, but that doesn't mean that next year’s taxes should be ignored until the calendar rolls over. The status of a person’s marital status is based upon the previous year. If a Massachusetts couple was married on the last day of the year, then they file as married. If the divorce was finalized before then, each party will file as single. There are tax implications that may warrant careful attention to certain aspects of the divorce settlement.

The reasons and whys of seeking a modification of child support

Many parents may believe that, once an order for the financial well-being of minor children has been determined, the matter has been settled once and for all. However, it is possible to request a modification of child support if circumstances warrant. Parents in Massachusetts who are struggling to make their support payments or who believe that the ordered amount is not adequate may be interested in learning more.

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