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August 2014 Archives

What are my options for filing for divorce?

When a Massachusetts couple decides to divorce, they may not have given much thought to what type of divorce is most appropriate for them. It is even possible that they may be unaware that there are multiple categories of divorce that can affect how the process is handled. The two types of divorce available to most couples are either a no-fault or fault divorce.

Custody issues may arise for pet owners in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts and across the United States, pets seem to be taking on more and more of a family role than they have had historically. With many couples treating their dogs and cats like children, custody issues can arise during a divorce. This can be further complicated as pets are still largely treated as personal property by the courts, rather than the family members than couples view them to be.

Financial cheating can play role in divorce in Massachusetts

Most people in Massachusetts are probably familiar with the notion of cheating -- either physically or emotionally -- on a spouse. However, financial infidelity can be considered another form of cheating to some. In some instances, cheating on a spouse financially can ultimately end in divorce, which may leave some wondering what can constitute financial infidelity.

Recent data debunks a divorce myth

The reasons for divorce in Massachusetts can vary as greatly and as widely as individuals in a marriage. In 2003, one economist discovered a surprising correlation between marriages that produced first-born daughters and marriages that later ended in divorce. However, recent data has demonstrated that this old notion might not be so true after all.

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