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December 2014 Archives

Will I receive child support if the other parent is in jail?

Even if a parent is in jail, he or she can still be ordered by a Massachusetts court to pay child support. The process works differently depending on whether there was an existing court order for support at the time the person went to jail.

What steps do I take to get a divorce in Massachusetts?

Spouses who would like to get a divorce may be unsure about what the basic legal steps are. To begin, both parties must be legal residents of Massachusetts in order to get a divorce there. As long as that requirement is met, a spouse may file a petition for divorce citing fault or no-fault grounds.

The scope of expenses that child support can cover

Massachusetts parents may be interested in some information about the scope of child support and what expenses it covers. The rules for child support that courts follow often go beyond a child's basic needs.

The decline of the divorce rate in the United States

While most individuals in Massachusetts and across the country might be under the impression that the divorce rate is around 50 percent, studies may have proven otherwise; the article suggests that an estimated two-thirds of marriages are expected to be successful. The highest divorce rates occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s, but couples who tied the knot in the 2000s are divorcing at lower rates.

Challenging paternity in Massachusetts

Many Massachusetts parents are ecstatic when the time comes to welcome a child into the world. However, there are cases where it may not be known who the father of the child is. If a man was assumed to be the father but evidence suggests that this is not the case, either party can challenge paternity.

Giving notice when leaving the state

When a parent has custody of a child in Massachusetts, there are some restrictions as to relocating. This is not as much of a factor if the parents already live in two different parts of the state or country. However, if the custodial parent wants to leave the area, then there could be some challenges for the non-custodial parent.

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