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January 2015 Archives

Considering taxes after divorce

Massachusetts spouses involved or interested in divorce may benefit from considering the different ways their taxes might be affected after the marriage is officially dissolved. Once parents are no longer married, there are several potential concerns that might need to be addressed before filing federal taxes.

A more modern version of visitation

When Massachusetts parents are going through a divorce, one of the more difficult aspects that they will be confronted with is the issue of child custody and visitation. This is especially the case when the non-custodial parent will be living a great distance away from the child after the divorce has been completed. An emerging method that has been allowed by courts in several states is virtual visitation through methods such as email, Skype, video conferencing and social networks such as Facebook.

When do alimony payments end after a divorce?

Alimony is one of the more important issues for couples going through a divorce. When a person is making monthly payments to their former spouse in order to support them economically, this is known under Massachusetts law as general term alimony. This is ongoing, as opposed to rehabilitative alimony, which is usually for a shorter period after which the recipient is expected to be able to generate their own income.

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