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Reaching a parenting agreement

A divorce in Massachusetts can be stressful, but when parents can work together, a child's best interests may be met with minimal court time. There are many out-of-court approaches to consider in reaching a parenting agreement. A judge may still be required to review the final plan to evaluate whether a child's best interests have been considered, but legal fees and stress can be minimized by handling the negotiation of the agreement in a more informal setting.

Divorce may be complicated by social media

Massachusetts couples contemplating divorce may know that a spouse might gather evidence he or she may use during divorce litigation. Aside from claims that marriage vows were broken, evidence may be focused on claims a spouse may make for receiving alimony or being unable to pay it. Likewise, when asset division takes place, it is dependent on the financial statements each spouse may be obligated to turn into the court. Proving that a spouse is not being truthful may require presenting evidence to the contrary.

Why divorce can be costly

Divorces in Massachusetts could last months or even longer than a year while a couple tries to work out an arrangement for post-marital life. The process can also drag on when a couple must go to court for a judge to make determinations regarding child custody, alimony or property division. While dissolving a marriage can have high financial costs, there are ways to make divorce less expensive.

When child support ends in Massachusetts

Whether people are under an order to pay child support or they are the parent receiving child support payments, it is important to understand when child support will end so people can be prepared. The legal age in Massachusetts for children is when they reach the age of 18, but that does not necessarily mean the child support will end then.

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