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A prenuptial agreement could protect you during a divorce

Many people who are living in Massachusetts are against prenuptial agreements in this modern day and age, but they can serve as your protection in the event that you divorce. Of course, you do not want to think about divorce just as you are getting married, but situations arise in which it is unavoidable all too often. Under these circumstances, you could lose the assets that you have worked hard to gain if you do not have a prenuptial agreement.

My ex is not paying child support, what do I do?

If you are expecting child support from a person who is ordered to pay support in the state of Massachusetts and that money does not come, you could be up against serious budget issues that leave you unable to provide your child with all of their needs. Child support payments are designed to help cover a bit of the financial burden of raising children. When you are a single parent, this becomes an important part of your family’s income. Delinquent child support payments are unlawful, and turning to legal authorities for child support enforcement could be necessary to get your children the money that they need.

Finding the right child custody agreement

Divorce is often very difficult for parents in Massachusetts, but it is especially tough on children who are faced with unfamiliar realities and big changes. They are often concerned about where they will live, moving to a new home, when they will get to see each parent and if they will be able to keep their things. Naturally, they have a lot of questions. To help the child cope with the high level of emotion and stress that come with divorce, it is important that parents set aside their differences and find the right custody solution for the children that they share.

Massachusetts’s child custody and nontraditional families

Child custody laws in Massachusetts have some interesting aspects that many people may not be aware exist. These cases involve nontraditional families and include cases of adoption (or lack thereof), same-sex couples that bear children and de facto parenting issues.

The rights of grandparents in Massachusetts

Divorce affects more than the two spouses that are going their separate ways, especially when children are involved. While Massachusetts parents are drawing up their custody and visitation arrangements and going through mediation or litigation to finalize orders, grandparents often have their own concerns about their grandchildren.

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