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My ex is not paying child support, what do I do?

If you are expecting child support from a person who is ordered to pay support in the state of Massachusetts and that money does not come, you could be up against serious budget issues that leave you unable to provide your child with all of their needs. Child support payments are designed to help cover a bit of the financial burden of raising children. When you are a single parent, this becomes an important part of your family’s income. Delinquent child support payments are unlawful, and turning to legal authorities for child support enforcement could be necessary to get your children the money that they need.

When you bring your situation of delinquency to legal officials, a notice is sent to the individual who should be paying child support and is past due. This notice will inform the other parent of the total amount that they have accumulated, interest and any penalties that will take place if the amount is not paid.

All child support orders in the state include an income withholding provision. The MA DOR receives new labor statistics that include new income information from individuals who are living in the commonwealth area and required to pay child support. Any support that is not paid could set in place a series of punishments. These punishments include income levies, liens and even tax consequences.

To collect delinquent child support that should be going to your child or children, it may be necessary to involve court authorities. If you have additional questions, speaking to an experienced attorney could be beneficial.

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