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December 2015 Archives

Holiday custody arrangements after a divorce

Massachusetts parents who are contemplating a divorce may want to take into account holiday arrangements and the various issues they present. Navigating the holidays after a divorce with children is difficult, especially when both parents want to spend the same holidays with the children. Family courts often become backed up during the holidays due to disputes between divorced parents who are unable to come to an agreement on who gets to have visitation with the children over the holidays. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the confusion and conflict surrounding this issue.

Alternative divorce options may be better for physicians, others

While physicians in Massachusetts and other states typically go through divorce at a lower rate than others in the medical field, the demands of a doctor's profession can lead to strain in a marriage. Dissolving a marriage can take time and be emotionally and financially draining when using the court system, but there are options for divorcing that physicians and others may want to consider.

Divorce and bankruptcy in Massachusetts

If someone is considering filing for both divorce and bankruptcy, it can be very important to determine the order of the filings. While bankruptcy can in some cases eliminate a large portion of a person's debt, it can also require the filer to give up assets to pay back creditors. Additionally, filing for bankruptcy may tie up marital assets, which can have an effect on proerty division.

Post-nuptial agreements and divorce

Massachusetts couples who are facing the end of their marriage may have heard about the high-profile divorce between Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. The popular actors have finalized their divorce after nearly 20 years of marriage. According to the couple, the split was mutual and they remain on good terms. Banderas will be paying monthly spousal support of $65,000, which obligation will end if Griffith remarries.

Why happy couples should plan for divorce

Many divorces in Massachusetts affect married partners who never expect this issue to arise. However, planning for divorce doesn't mean that it has to become a reality. Many of the financial issues that make divorces messy can be just as troublesome for a couple that continues to stay together until death. Good financial management can serve as insurance against divorce or in case the marriage ends.

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