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Holiday custody arrangements after a divorce

Massachusetts parents who are contemplating a divorce may want to take into account holiday arrangements and the various issues they present. Navigating the holidays after a divorce with children is difficult, especially when both parents want to spend the same holidays with the children. Family courts often become backed up during the holidays due to disputes between divorced parents who are unable to come to an agreement on who gets to have visitation with the children over the holidays. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the confusion and conflict surrounding this issue.

Written parenting time plans can help smooth out holiday arrangements and avoid circular arguments about oral agreements. It is important to plan ahead to come to an agreement about the best arrangement for both parents and the children. While courts can help iron out holiday custody agreements, those who have not yet filed for divorce can consult an attorney for assistance.

Negotiating an acceptable holiday visitation agreement requires compromise. Alternating year agreements offer options for parents who are willing to spend certain holidays with the children one year and allow them to spend those holidays with the other parent on the following year. Split time arrangements are for divorced parents who communicate well and agree to share the holiday with their children. Some parenting plans accommodate the celebration of holidays on days other than their official occurrence.

A parent who is seeking a parenting time resolution for the holidays may benefit from consulting with a family law attorney who can help with drafting an agreement that is in the best interests of the child while helping the client have adequate time. An attorney may also offer assistance with enforcing a child custody order that is not being followed by the other parent.

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