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Co-parenting after a divorce

Many parents who divorce in Massachusetts have trouble co-parenting. Although the divorce order may award joint custody to both parents, the parents could have difficulty arranging schedules and making parental decisions together. When parents cannot communicate effectively after a divorce, their disagreements could lead to more court proceedings.

Divorced parents may be able to avoid fights and litigation by making an effort to work together. For co-parenting to work out, parents may have to view each other in a different way than they did before. Instead of remembering all of the negative feelings from the divorce, a divorced parent may want to think of their ex-spouse as their child's schoolteacher. To keep conversations civil, discussions between divorced parents can be limited to issues that concern the child.

Even if a divorced parent is committed to co-parenting successfully, they can't control the actions of the other parent. A divorced parent should try not to get baited into arguments when their ex-spouse brings up old issues from the past or reacts angrily to a miscommunication. Rather than partaking in an argument, a divorced parent may want to determine what the underlying issue is and how it can be resolved.

After a divorce, the initial child custody order may need to be changed when circumstances in the parents' lives change. If a parent moves to a different city or changes work schedules, a family law attorney can be of assistance in filing a motion with the court for a modification of the order.

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